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Apex Housing Foundation’s Adopt-A-Home is a program designed for an individual who has experienced extraordinary circumstances and cannot afford to purchase a home. Through this program, organizations and individuals, known as Sponsors, donate funding to AHF to adopt a home. AHF also accepts eligible donated homes.


Using qualifying guidelines, AHF will identify a deserving individual or family, match them with the Sponsor, then acquire and rehab a single family home. Upon completion, the property will be given to the deserving individual or family.


Adopt-A-Home individuals and families have access to our programs and educational services to help them maintain their new home.


Sponsors donating at minimum of $50,000 to AHF’s Adopt-A-Home program will receive the individual or family name, a thank you letter from the individual or family and a framed keepsake picture, before and after pictures of the home, and an opportunity to present the new homeowners with the keys to their new home.  


Sponsors have the option to give anonymously.

Circumstances are considered on a case by case basis 


•Homeless veterans and veterans with children

•Battered women transitioning from shelters

•Spouses of veterans who have died

•Disabled individuals

•Displaced single parents

apex housing


apex housing
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